School's #digital eco-guards - tag #waste

Mario Dumančić, Tihana Levar, Mirena Maljković


Jure Kaštelan Elementary School is a part of the International Eco-School program, which is why its students actively reflect on the ways to contribute to their neighbourhood’s healthier environment. The idea of the "Tag #waste" project came up during an interview with the students. The aim of the project is to investigate our close living environment and through geo-photo, data to record and map waste containers, recycling yards and possible illegal waste dumps. As a result, it wants to offer other neighbourhoods and local communities’ access to the geographic information system "#ekokvart", thus enabling every citizen and visitor in Croatia to find locations for waste disposal by category simply by using the GPS coordinates via mobile devices. The geo-photos and other recorded data will be displayed by geographic information system “#ekokvart” [eco neighbourhood]. Through this, project students learn in accordance with the new Curriculum, which places an increasing emphasis on cross-curricular delivery of topics by teaching students in a holistic manner and integrates them into their close life and social community through projects that stimulate economic and social awareness. The emphasis of the project is on the fact that the data will be presented by the students themselves, so it will be the younger generations to contribute to a healthier environment and to set an example to the rest of the community as eco-teachers.


eco-schools; waste separation; waste tagging; geographic data; GPS coordinates

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