Model of Autonomous House as Contribution to Sustainable Development of Istria

Bojan Aleksić, Lidija Runko Luttenberger


The paper analyses the reasons and concept of autonomous houses in Istria as well as the method of energy and material resources use. Elaborated is the principle of producing self-made photovoltaic system and solar collectors on the roof of the house, collecting and storage of water explained on an example of individual calabash system water tank, home wastewater system and composting of biodegradable waste. Analysis is made of industrial hemp as possible building material, explaining the reinforcement, composite making and insulation thereof. In elaborating hay bales house, the advantages and simplicity of construction are pointed out. Climate features of Istria are described which favour the deployment of autonomous houses, and integration of subject matter on autonomous houses into technical culture syllabus is proposed.


passive house; autonomous house; solar energy; houses of hemp; Istria

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