Analysis of the impact of microclimatic conditions in classrooms on students' assessment results

Bojan Banić, Janja Banić, Vesna Novosel-Martinić, Andreja Veršić


In the 2018/2019 school year at the Prva gimnazija Varaždin in Varaždin, a study of microclimatic conditions was conducted on the results of student evaluation. The goal of our project is to prove or disprove the impact of the microclimate on student performance in specific situations, that is, in the usual way of knowledge testing: written tests. Given that state examinations are currently based on such a model of assessment, we believe that it is important to identify a correlation between the microclimate and student performance in the knowledge test and, if confirmed, to contribute to the development of standards for the existing school premises or the construction of new ones. The microclimatic conditions tested were temperature, relative humidity and airflow. Testing was conducted in 10 different classrooms and five different subjects or groups of subjects. The results indicate poorer evaluation results at greater deviations from the recommended values of observed microclimatic conditions.


Prva gimnazija Varaždin; indoor microclimate conditions; thermal comfort; experimental measurements; students' evaluation

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